Updated on 7/18/2018


Roasted Quail                      12

Miso cucumber, rice cake, crispy noodles

Niçoise Salad                    11

Pickled mackerel, egg, beans, artichoke 

TTW “Poutine”                  10

Chili roasted pork shoulder, waffle fry

Crispy Sweetbreads               13

Fregola, stinging nettle pesto, baby carrots

Octopus a la Plancha              12

Fennel sausage, giant lima beans, ramp vinaigrette

Bone Marrow*                   14

Oxtail apricot mostarda, Laws spent grain toast

              A.D. Laws Barrel #486 luge         6









Diver Scallops*                  29

Roasted corn, confit tomatoes, swiss chard, crab

Halibut                                31

Shrimp popper, jicama slaw, tomatillo sauce

Squash Blossoms                    25

Zucchini bread, goat butter, shaved vegetables, almonds

Pork Chop*                         29

Barley carbonara, grilled asparagus, crispy garlic

Bistro Steak*                         24

Quinoa, beets, flatbread, yogurt dressing

Half Chicken                          28

Grilled romaine, blue cheese, Nashville hot okra  


*These items can be rare or undercooked and may

increase your risk of foodborne illness

 Menu is always subject to change, just like the wind.