Spring Salad          8

Beet carpaccio, baby greens, crispy pig’s ear        

Cornmeal Waffle          9

Roasted pork shoulder, coleslaw

Veal Breast Steamed Bun         6 each

Miso pickled cucumber, roasted shishito

Foie Gras Torchon         19

Ricotta pancake, walnuts, cherry milkshake

BSB Braised Octopus        18

Jicama slaw, papaya puree, Macadamia nuts

Bone Marrow*          14

Oxtail apricot mostarda, Laws spent grain toast

A.D. Laws Barrel #486 luge         6 



Monkfish            27

Onion tortellini, parmesan consommé, radish salad

Greek Meagre         28

Cauliflower tabouli, pine nuts, burnt lemon vinaigrette

Zucchini Fritters           21

Blistered tomatoes, green beans, five-minute egg

Bistro Steak*           29

Duck fat potatoes, oyster mushrooms, sauce beernaise

Duo of Duck*           31

Polenta, fermented jalapeno, five-minute egg

Buttermilk Chicken           24

B.A. hot sauce, crispy potato salad, crème fraiche


*These items can be rare or undercooked and may

increase your risk of foodborne illness

 Menu is always subject to change, just like the wind.