Updated on 02/21/2019


Bao Bun                    6                                            

Chicken fried sweetbreads, yam slaw, cashew brittle


Sweet Potato Gnocchi Gratin    11

Blue cheese, brussels sprouts, pecan   


Blue Cheese Agnolotti             11

Baby kale, butternut squash consommé, pine nuts


Spanish Octopus              16

Hasselback potato, crème fraiche, Picholine olives


Foie Gras Torchon          18

Hand pie, sour cherry, vanilla crumb


Baby Greens                  9

Tempura Acorn squash, ranch, pine nut


TTW “Poutine”                  10

Chili roasted pork shoulder, waffle fry


Clafouti                              12

Pickled shiitake, ricotta, almond


Salmon Pastrami                12

Onion soubise, sauerkraut, rye crouton


Bone Marrow*                   14

Oxtail apricot mostarda, Laws spent grain toast


Cobia                         17

Spaghetti squash, swiss chard jalapeno pesto


Lamb Loin*                      21

Lentil vinaigrette, crispy sweetbreads, orange







Baja Striped Bass                   33

Confit potato, rapini, beef daube, horseradish


Pork Chop*                  34

Almond, endive, grapefruit, winter wheat berries


Freedom Ranger Chicken          32

Sourdough, currants, arugula, parmesan



*These items can be rare or undercooked and may

increase your risk of foodborne illness

 Menu is always subject to change, just like the wind.