Updated on 4/6/2018


Roasted Quail         12

Miso cucumber, rice cake, crispy noodles

Waldorf Salad        9

Crispy pig’s ear, Mycella blue, walnuts   

Cornmeal Waffle          9

Roasted pork shoulder, coleslaw

Crispy Sweetbreads       13

Roasted baby carrot, lentil salad, carrot jam

Octopus a la Plancha        9

Fingerling potato, picholine olive, Mycella blue

Bone Marrow*        14

Oxtail apricot mostarda, Laws spent grain toast

              A.D. Laws Barrel #486 luge         6









Alfonsino           29

Parsnip, artichoke, caper lemon sauce

Scottish Salmon*         27    

White beans, mustard greens, chicken hock

Fontina Arancini          23

Shaved zucchini salad, truffled vinaigrette, almonds

Pork Chop*              29

Barley carbonara, grilled asparagus, pea shoots

Trio of Duck*             31

Udon noodle, bok choy, turnip, five-minute egg*

Buttermilk Chicken              24

Fregola, preserved fennel, bitter greens, citrus  


*These items can be rare or undercooked and may

increase your risk of foodborne illness

 Menu is always subject to change, just like the wind.