Updated 3/04/2021

Caramelized Delicata Squash   11           

Spinach, golden raisins, Danish blue, pepita vinaigrette


Warm Salmon Pastrami*        13

Braised endive, caraway soubise


Lamb Cheeks                      15

Buttery white beans, brussels sprouts, rye toast


Bone Marrow*                    15

Harissa, zucchini noodles, grilled flatbread


Veal Sweetbreads                  16

Grilled Romain, French lentils, orange




Vegetable Ramen Bowl         22        

Kombu brodo, pickled quail egg, vegetable slaw, smoked mushroom gyoza


Monk Fish                   31

Clams, bacon, potato, mustard greens, oyster crackers


Pork Osso Bucco           32

Sweet potato puree, broccoli rabe, apple slaw, cashews


*These items can be rare or undercooked and may increase your risk of foodborne illness


Crema Catalana     9

Citrus, cinnamon


Napolean      9

Puff pastry, pastry cream, cherry, almond


Chocolate Cake          9

Coconut, caramel, ganache


***Menu is subject to change as easily as the wind***


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