Updated 7/22/2021


Grilled Romaine              10

Mycella blue cheese, crispy shallots, pickled cherries, duck ham


Chicken Fried Okra            8

Blistered cherry tomatoes, escarole, broken peanut vinaigrette


Hawaiian Kampachi Crudo*   13

Grapefruit, cucumber mint granita, sesame tuille


Scallops and Chips*                11

Kombu cured scallop ceviche, sea salt lime potato chips, michelada aioli


Bone Marrow*                    15

Harissa, grilled flatbread, zucchini noodles, hazelnuts


Foie Gras Torchon *          21

Almond Madeleine, spiced honey, poached raisins, milkshake


Buttermilk Chicken            32

Warm potato salad, celery root ranch, BLiS hot sauce


Roasted Whole Black Bass*     33

Green tomatoes, crispy rice cake, tomato fumé


Pork Chop *               39

Roasted peach, grilled bread, dehydrated olive, bitter greens



Crème Brûlée        9

Classic vanilla bean


Summer Pudding    9 

Berries, crème Anglaise, pecan Florentine


Chocolate Cake          9

Graham tuille, marshmallow, campfire sauce



*These items can be rare or undercooked and may increase your risk of foodborne illness.   

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