Updated 9/15/2021


Chicken Fried Okra            10

Blistered cherry tomatoes, braising greens, chili-peanut vinaigrette


Grilled Romaine              10

Danish blue cheese, crispy shallots, pickled cherries, bacon  


Hawaiian Kampachi Crudo*   13

Grapefruit, cucumber mint granita, sesame tuille


Savory Clafouti                15

Chanterelle mushrooms, warm spinach, lentils, Manchego cheese


Bone Marrow*                    15

Harissa, grilled flatbread, zucchini noodles, hazelnuts


Seared Foie Gras*                 25

Toasted brioche, melon chutney, pistachios


Buttermilk Chicken            32

Warm potato salad, parsnip ranch, BLiS hot sauce


Alamosa Striped Bass          31

Green tomato mostarda, crispy rice cake, tomato fumé


Pork Chop*               39

Roasted peach, grilled bread, dehydrated olive, bitter greens


Crème Brûlée            9

Classic vanilla bean


Summer Pudding          9 

Berries, crème Anglaise, pecan Florentine


Chocolate Cake          9

Graham tuille, marshmallow, campfire sauce


Menu is subject to change... just like the wind.

Spangalang Beer Dinner

October 20th – 23rd  


 Reservations Required 303-316-3333


1st Course

Duck Liver Mousse

Cured yolk, pickled mustard seed, rye toast

Astro Blaster Pilsner


2nd Course

Quail Bao Bun

Fermented carrot, carrot top chili oil

Sugarfoot Belgian Style Table Beer


3rd Course

Kabocha Squash Agnolotti

Shaved brussel leaves, X.O. sauce

Chess Not Checkers Hefeweizen


4th Course

Pork Schnitzel

Parsnip rice pudding, demi, sage

Becca’s Barnyard Dance Saison


5th Course

Fried Dough

Condensed milk Anglaise

Daywalker Imperial Stout


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